[DECtalk], Fw: audyssey: dicktalk internal speech synth

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  • Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 10:43:15 -0000

for those of you not on the blind gamers list i'll

pass this  on:
it all started when a user asked an off topic question concerning the DT
access32 software under win XP.
But he wrote dictalk rather than dectalk, and  Phil jumped in with his
ever-so-ready  whitty post on the matter.
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Subject: Re: audyssey: dicktalk internal speech synth

> Top ten reasons why the Dicktalk access 32 software  is better for Windows
> 10. It sounds just like President Nixon.
> 9. It can fit into any port.
> 8. It can accommodate any size motherboard.
> 7. It is controlled by a roller ball with an additional one as a safety
>   6. It can fit into a Pocket PC.
> 5. The cost is extremely low since they grow them organically.
> 4. It can get you into lots of interesting trouble.
> 3. It has a very limited vocabulary.
> 2. Half the world has one already.
> And the top reason why the Dicktalk access 32 software  is better for
> Windows XP...
> It has a mind of it's own.
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