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  • Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 16:50:55 -0000

heyyyy any techy morons want to tackle this one?
I'm confused as to what is actually going on here in regards to deCtalk
software). but .. i'm naturally confused.
Sean ran dall? dull? dall! dull! dull! dull! dull! ehh ehh ehh, dull wins.

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Subject: Anycities: Form Mail

> message: windows does not load. it states error reading C: drive. But I
can use a boot disk to read all of the C: drive. I beleive it occures when
it is trying to load the dectalk software. if i try to boot up step by step
I get the error that initializing VKD, then it freezes. any help would be
> formmail:  send it now!
> email: houmanr1@xxxxxxxxx
> name: houman

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