[DECtalk], DECTALK 101

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 16:08:57 EDT

Hi gang!  I signed up for this list awhile back but didn't get anything until 
today, so I'm excited!  I have no clue if my introduction even went out, so 
let me do it again.
My name is Snoopi Botten and I have worked with Dectalk since 1989.  I have 
well over 900 songs files for Dectalk, 2 CD's of music and one instructional CD 
on how to program Dectalk to sing.  I call the instructional CD "Dectalk 
101", and it comes with a bio of Dennis Klatt who invented Dectalk.

I'm so glad to finally be getting this list because I've always wanted to 
meet other Dectalk users.  Plus I work for Fonix, I'm helping with the new 
Dectalk upgrade.

I hope to get to know you guys, trade files, and answer questions.  


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