[decolonizingthecommunity] March 2nd for Public Educaton: From Egypt to Wisconsin to California!

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*From http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=165281123522467*
-Spread to Bay Area friends please :)!

*March 2nd for Public Educaton: From Egypt to Wisconsin to California!*

Tired of budget cuts and student fees? Pissed about the fact that you’ll
have to stay 13 years just to get into all of your required courses? Sick of
the UC executive pay increases and staff layoffs? Are you angry about the
past political repression of students and workers in the UC system? Recent
events in Puerto Rico, Wisconsin, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, etc. show us that
students and workers are fighting against Austerity and Political
Repression. Join us in the following March 2 activities for UCB and the Bay

*From Egypt, to Wisconsin, to California, we fight for Free Speech and
against Austerity Cuts to students and Workers!

Note on Rain or Shine:
Rain: Meet at Multicultural Center (MLK building)
Sun: Events at Memorial Glade (fron of Doe Library)*

       * Schedule of Events:*
8am-5pm GSI teach-out by UAW graduate students at Memorial Glade
-1 pm - Resistance Picnic: Free Food & Workshops/Discussions on Fighting the
Cuts! @ Memorial Glade.
12-2pm- UC staff represented by the CUE-Teamsters will be doing a potluck
with food
-5pm - Bay Area Mass Rally: Student, Worker, and Teacher Bay Area
Convergence @ Memorial Glade
-Night - Tent City
*All Activities @ Memorial Glade

         *Demands: *
-End "Operational Excellence"
-Drop the Charges against Student Protesters! No Repression!
-Democratize the UC!
-Stop the 1.4 Billion in Budget Cuts!

*March 2nd is a National Day of Action and is endorsed at Berkeley by:
Student Worker Action Team, CUE-Teamsters Statewide , UPTE Statewide, United
Auto Workers (GSI's), ASUC, Solidarity Alliance, Berkeley Federation of
Teachers, Oakland Education Association, Laney College SUP, Diablo Valley
City College SDS, EDU (SF k-12 Teachers) & more. If you want to endorse
please email:  stopthecutsucb@xxxxxxxxx . See  list at

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