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            Not the usual kind of thing I announce in these emails but IDEA
is holding our first live debate in London on the 16th (next Monday). The
motion that will be debated is 'The Jasmine Revolution will wither in North
Africa: It won't meet the expectations of youth'. The speakers for the
motion are analyst Nora Ayman, Journalist and author Douglas Murray and
Professor Norman Stone. The speakers against the motion are NY Times
columnist Roger Cohen, Professor Fawaz Gerges and Ahmed Naguib. The debate
will be chaired by BBC presenter Nik Gowing.

So if you live in or near London please come along. Tickets are free!

The debate is being held at the Royal Society and will begin at 6.15pm and
finish at 8pm. So hopefully anyone returning will not be too badly affected
by tube strikes that if they happen will start at 9pm.

For more information and to get tickets visit IQ2's website


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Scotland should hold a referendum on independence.

The Liberal Democrats must create more public conflict in the coalition.

The rich should be able to pay to create extra university places.

It's always wrong to openly celebrate the death of another.

Israel should support reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas.

Real-Time Bidding. Is it just good business? Or is it time to be worried?

I have not yet been asked to do this but as with the wikileaks debates from
last week as it is a debate we are running it is possible we may create this
debate in house. So if you take it make sure to inform me so that I can add
to it. And if we do create it feel free to add to the debate.
The Jasmine Revolution will wither in North Africa: It won't meet the
expectations of youth.

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Should health care reform be

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