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Hey Grant what you must do is to go in to the properties of your track and make 
sure that your input is set to midi omni.  Another thing to examine is to see 
if your bank select method is set to normal.  In some case the person who 
created the midi file didn't set this properly.
Here are the steps below.

1. Open up your properties dialogue by pressing the letter p if your are using 
CT.  If not press your applications key and down arrow until you hear Jaws say 
2. You will now land in a the track properties menu where you will hear Jaws 
say input button.  Simply press the space bar to select this option, and listen 
on weather you hear your midi interface.  In this you would probabbly hear some 
like Moteef s, if this is the interface you are using.  In any case your 
wanting to hear the midi interface that you use.  So at this point simply hit 
your right arrow to expand this menu, and you will hear midi omni.  Simply hit 
enter to check this input.  You will land back in to the track properties 
dialog, tab to the next control.   you should hear your midi interface out 
spoken at this point.  
3. Next tab to your channel and listen to what channel your track is set too.  

4. Simply tab to bank select method and make sure it is set to normal.  If its 
not then you need to change this.
5. play something on your keyboard you should hear your patch.  If you want to 
change your patch simply tab to this option and choose a patch you wish to hear.

Let me know if this helps you out.
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  Exactly! I can not preview patches in sonar by playing the keyboard. I can 
however solo one of the tracks in a loop and then open the patch select in 
sonar and arrow up and down to different patches to find what I am looking for. 
It is a mystery to me why I can not play the keyboard itself and hear these 
patches. The keyboard is usualy stuck on whatever happens to be  selected as 
the patch on the first track. Any suggestions?


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    So if you pick a piano sound, you're not hearing a piano when playing the 

    Omar Binno

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      Subject: [ddots-l] working with midi files

      Hello everyone,

      I am working with downloaded midi files. I am using sonar 7 etc. When I 
      to re-assign a new patch to the pre-recorded midi track, I am able to 
      and play back new sounds by selecting different banks and patches. 
      I  am not able to hear the same sounds when I play the keyboard. I am 
      a Motif ES. I thought that when a track, bank, and patch were chosen, that
      that would be the sound that should be available when I physically play 
      Motif. I normaly get a patch that I have selected to be played on another
      track. I am also unable to record on the midi tracks. I want to be able to
      ad a 4 beat count in on some of these files.


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