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Hi Neville,

What I mean is that you go into Switch and set your encoder options, the folder where you want your converted files to be placed, (that being your output folder), then you should be set there.

The command line is the term used for manually typing your parameters in from say the Run dialog in Windows. The only difference is that you're putting this information into the command line field in the external encoder configuration in Sonar. This is so that Sonar will know what to do when you want to create MP3 files, for example. When I set mine up, I made it easy on myself by setting things up in Switch so as not to have to type a whole bunch of switches and options in Sonar's external encoder configuration utility. I generally convert to the MP3 format at 128-KBPS with a sample rate of 44.1 KHZ, using a constant bit rate; I also have it set to do high quality conversions for my purposes. The files sound halfway decent with these settings.

If you still are unclear about all of this, perhaps we can get on the phone and I can help you a bit better. Contact me off-list and I'll give you my phone number. It'll probably be better if we could hook up on Sunday afternoon or evening as I'll be busy in production this week as well as doing my weekly gig.


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When you say go in to switch and set your parameters, what exactly do you
mean? Are you talking about going to the options menu in switch? I know zero
about programming so when you say that I have to type something in the
command line where would I find the command line? Would it be in the tools
menu of sonar?

May the Peace of God which passes all understanding guard your heart and
mind in Christ Jesus. God bless you!

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