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  • From: "Damon Fibraio" <dfibraio@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 10:47:33 -0400

OK, everybody. From the front lines, I have been working with Toontrack's
Superior Drummer to see what we could do with it. 2.0 was quite nice. We
were talking about doing up some hot spots to allow swapping out kit pieces
along with a nice sonar template and mixer template for superior drummer
that would assign drums and room mics to separate tracks in sonar for
individual processing. I found that you could right click on the word tools
to switch bass drum beaters turn off the snares or switch from sticks to
brushes to rods. You could click on the word presets next to new York avatar
to change kits as well. My main issue was how to install easy drummer
expansions which the superior could import. I was told by Toontrack support
you could install easy play pro, which came on the superior dvd, and then
install any ez drummer expansions. I had purchased the drumkit from hell
expansion and this did work nicely. You right click on the word new York
avatar and it brings up a menu with your expansions in it.


Now for the bad news.


IN order to use the new York studios volume 2 expansion that I just bought
but have yet to receive, I had to update to superior drummer 2.1. This has
changed things and not for the better.


Firstly, and I think this would happen in 2.0 as well, when switching from
n.y. avatar to drumkit from hell, it blew away the mixer template that
assigned the drums to individual tracks in sonar, so the entire drumkit from
hell is on track one exclusively. Not cool at all.


Secondly, upgrading to superior drummer 2.1 ahs alter the way presets are
arranged. Now, there is no word presets in the main window. There is a
load/save which brings up a modified menu of different things. No matter
what you choose as a preset, a second window comes up with check boxes that
jaws cannot see, probably to load different aspects of the preset and an ok
and cancel buttons that jaws also cannot see. We should be able to use hsc
to spot this window up, however, I am not familiar enough with the system to
know if this will be as usable. So, Kevin Reeves and I have some
considerable work to do here before this can be made fun for everybody. I am
concerned that the money I spent has just been nulled by toontrack's
mangling of an interface that could have been made to work. At least it
isn't all bitmapped yet, thank God. So, we'll work on this and hopefully get
some news to you all. IN the meantime, if anybody is a hot spot clicker
guru, we certainly could use your help to get this going. My plan is to make
superior drummer 2.1 accessible since it is the current version and you will
need it to use any sdx expansions going forward, so before anybody says go
back to 2.0, that is really not an option. We are still hoping to make this
work for all users to get excellent drum instruments into our hands.


Note: I have tried both bfd and bfd2.0 with very little luck. I may return
to it at one point especially if hot spot clicker does prove to be useful in
superior drummer's use, but bfd really drove me nuts, and 2.0 especially
made things tricky just to load a kit, so I gave up on it. Again, I may
return to it one day just to see if it is a doable option to get working,
but Superior drummer seemed much easier to work with and so we'll see how
much we can get from it.



Damon Fibraio

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