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  • From: "Phil Muir" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 12:52:42 -0000

From :
Version 2.2.3 includes the following bug fixes and improvements: 
new in version 2.2.3 
- new Combined presets settings for improved presets packs experience 
(see 3.7, Combined Presets, in the updated manual) 
- the Mixer can now be scrolled horizontally by pressing down the middle
button of the mouse 
(if one is available) and dragging 
- adding an X-Drum for which one or more close mics are not assigned will
result in the 
'Microphone Assignment' button flashing blue 
improved in version 2.2.3 
- new E-drum MIDI preset mapping boosting improved support for hi-end Yamaha
and Roland modules 
- articulations with only Hard and Soft hits should play back in a fashion
closer to S1 and EZdrummer but with more consistent velvol response* 
- includes changes related to mouse wheel events handling for improved
operation (mostly obvious on Mac) 
fixed in version 2.2.3 
- CPU surges due to using effects in the Mixer should no longer be
- fixed crashes occurring when nothing was routed to OUT 1/2 and the sampler
rate was different than 44.1K 
- fixed a crash in the instrument preview handling when using non-updated
early EZX-s 
- cured a family of bugs related to removing X-drums other than the last in
order sequence 
- fixed a bug that caused crashes during bounces when there were more than
32 microphones 
- fixed an additional bouncing bug when X-mics were present in the project 
- the typeface used in the interface should no longer disappear when
multiple hosts are accessing the plugin on Mac 
- S1 legacy path should no longer accept paths to a new generation SDX (or
EZX for that matter) 
- gate and enable/disable buttons in the Velocity Ctrl section should now
work on multiple selection and not just a single target 
- cancelling a Combined preset load will no longer result in a check mark
for that preset 
- the X-Drum Sound Library menu gets its entries unchecked when a new X-drum
is selected 
- the X-Drum Sound Library menu label is now a title only and can not be
- layout on the Settings page has been revised to group related options
- MidiNode factory presets as finalized a couple of releases back are
- it is now possible to rename a Mixer channel to its internal name 
* due to nature of this change, note that your project may play back
differently than before the update. It is unlikely to affect many users but
customers using the Latin Percussion EZX in particular are advised to check
their projects to make sure playback is as expected (or better).

Regards, Phil Muir
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