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  • From: "Berhane Kidane" <bkw11@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 23:09:31 -0400

MessageThank you sir, 
With the help of sighted friend, I have successfully installed all the five 
Now, I will need your support how it works and how far it is accessible. 
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  Here's a possibility. Which installation did you choose? If you chose the 
full install, then it would take you through all 5 disks. You can choose a 
compact install that is only 4 gigs, which I think would consist of that first 
DVD. Also, there are 2 installation panels that pop up. 1 is to install the 
application itself, which is a standard dialogue box. The second is to install 
all audio content. That panel looks rather different. Damon said he was 
successful in accessing that with Jaws. However, I had some problems with it 
and had to get sighted assistance. I think that you may have to get sighted 
assistance to help you through that. The install should take at least 45 
minutes. Hope this helps.

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