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Actually it's easy to do this.
I use channels 1 through 4 (tracks 1-4) for my instruments, whatever I'll be
using. I will usually put the main instrument (usually some kind of piano)
on track 1, bass on track 2, and any other accessory instruments, say pads,
organ, synth etc on channels 3 or 4. If I need more instruments, depending
on the song, I'll add them to track 5, 6, etc. Usually, I would use channels
9-16 (the last 8/bottom row on the motif) for prerecorded stuff, whether it
b drum tracks, percussions, basslines (if the song will use them etc).
Now, since this is in pattern or song mode, since I usually use the motif
along with another keyboard/controller, I can set the motif to a track, and
set the controller/keyboard to output on another channel, which would then
reproduce the other instrument on the motif. So if my motif is on track 1,
and my controller sending data out of ch2, I can play piano on th motif, and
bass on the controller, assuming that it's patched to track 2. It takes
seconds to setup once you get the hang of it!
What I'm trying to do now is copy a performance to a pattern, or make a
split voice of my own, say a voice that consists of bass/piano split, just
so that I can play 2 instruments on the motif, and use the controller for a
third sweetner instrument, like strings, pads, organ, clav etc.
I love my motif for live use!  I just wish the ES8 had a tempo tap feature.
Another thing I do if it's an easy/simple song I'm doing, is setup a
performance, with a bass/piano split, and use the 5 arp buttons to load drum
pattern phrases or make my own and use them there... Works well for R&B
grooves or simple ballads, where the drums are streight forward.

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Do you always use the same track numbering, how do you get the motif to
always have you playing on the same track. I had some problems doing this. 

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Yes I have. I've actually had no problems doing that. I just load about 25
songs at a time in the order i plan on playing them and it's pretty much
cake from there. It seems to me that a laptop would indeed be just extra and
unnecessary baggage.

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When I played using midi, (and I actually stopped 2 years ago) I used a
laptop. I happen to have the same motif and have messed around putting songs
on the unit; however, a computer is simply more versatil. Are you also going
to be using the motif live while the songs are playing? I have a sighted
friend who does this very well. He loads songs on the motif and always plays
live on track 8. Don't think I could do that all night. Why I asked though,
is because if you're also playing the motif and using it as a generator it
would be a bit tricky. Good luck!    

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All this can be done from within the motif, though. I had no plans for using
any mp3's at all; only midi sequences. Perhaps I should be more specific.
Would it be more beneficial to use a laptop and sonar on stage rather than
just the motif to run/play the midi sequences? I tend to think that the
motif alone should be fine, but if anyone can think of any advantages of
playing the sequences through a laptop and sonar, with the motif only as a
sound generator, please share.
Thanks again.

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Let's see.. A few random thoughts about midi vs. MP3 on stage.

If the bass player is sick; you just unmute the bass. grin

Or perhaps a traveling piano player wants to gig with you between shows at
the Met. mute the piano and let him jam.

Or maybe you realize that you are getting too old to remember the words, so
you add some cheater lines to a track that only goes in your monitor, just
prior to the start of each verse/chorus and when the solo should start. 

How cool is it to set the volume and effect controls through midi for the
guitar, so all you have to do is play and sing? Not repeatedly stomp on your
midi control foot pedal like you are looking for your lost glass slide or
guitar picks on the floor?

Just try adding the four above scenarios to an MP3?

I dunnno, Sonar's playlist makes anything possible. guffaw. Love to set it
for five seconds between songs, so the music almost seems constant to the
audience.  You can also do multiple midi tracks with a group of three songs
that are similar with no break in between; to keep em dancing.

It's always better if you can have the 9 fellow musicians to play on stage
with you, but how realistic is that?  I did good keeping a drummer, bass
player and a female vocalist that played acoustic together for three years.
I've spent the last two only doing studio work, learning Sonar, and hoping I
can get a good mix of original songs, so that I can get out of the totally
cover song band scene.

I agree with John that having versatility in being able to tweak your songs
is a huge plus. 

Good luck though with whatever works for you.  You have to feel comfortable
with your gear and audio.  You are the one using it.


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Hi: The advantage to midi, if you consider it an advantage, is that you can
edit it if you find that certain parts are too loud etc. Once you do an MP3,
it's done. Of course, some people here use them and it's probably the best
way to go. But midi is easier to change once you've heard it on stage. John 

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I can see a lot of advantages in having a laptop on stage but understand
what you mean in regards to the pc doing all of the work. I would like to
take that just a step further as wonder why some choose to have computers
play drum machines and synths via midi rather than simply recording the
parts and playing along to an mp3. I realize some do that as well but just
wondering the advantage of using the midi verses recording parts and making
an mp3 out of it to play with. Would think that having extra midi stuff
would take up more room than an mp3 player if you aren't actually playing
all of the parts. Thanks for any input as curious to hear opinions. Dave

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Hi Omar, 

I personally don't like lap tops on stage. People see a computer and
instantly think that the computer is doing all of the work.


On all songs, I put 1 bar of drum hits or rhythm for my personal recognition
just so I know straight away which song is set up, this way the audience
don't suddenly hear a familiar beginning of a recognisable song.


Steve W 


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I'm going to start gigging live soon and wanted to hear some thoughts. I'll
be using a Motif ES6 to play midi sequences. My question is: if my band
performs around 30 songs a night, would it be more efficient to just use the
motif's playback capabilities to run the sequenced files, or would it be
more beneficial to use a laptop to handle the operation?


Thank you for all input.





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