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  • From: Jörgen Hansson <hansson.jogge@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 02:56:21 +0200

Hello roger! this is Jorgen Hansson from Sweden!
I must say that I have one M-audio midi interface which is very good to use 
when you're out for gigs or stuff like that. this is only a USB midi interface 
and it comes with a CD and it has only one midi in and one midi out.
I must also say that I've heard alot's of your music on the ACB Radio Cafe and 
I really like it.
can you tell me what kind of instruments you have when you're doin g your 
recordings it is very good.
Greetings Jorgen!
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  From: Roger E. Baccus 
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  Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 1:25 AM
  Subject: [ddots-l] Re: question about midi controler

  I like the M-Audio 49 better. I also have a Radium 61. The 12-button keypad 
is a real plus.

  Roger Baccus
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    From: blue wings 
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    Subject: [ddots-l] question about midi controler

    I have a question,which one midi keybord is accesible and easy to configure 
for jaws and cake talking?
    I'd like to buy M-audio radium 49 key station.
    Because I'd like to have keybord and controler of parameters of vst in one 
    Is this a good choice?
    Or maybe someone instruct other?

    blue Wings
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