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What are those mics going for nowadays? And now that we're on the subject,
one of the bands i work with will be recording a demo this spring, i'm going
to be producing/recording it etc. I wonder, does this sm58 work well on
stuff like percussion? It's a lot of salsa and latin jazz stuff, so i'm
talking about very dynamic playing of congas, timbales, cowbells, bongos and
some other minor percussion. Also, what would be considered good mics for
overall use with wind/brass instruments, mainly trumpets and bones, but
might have a sax and/or flute here and there...


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Shur SM57 for vocals, SM58 for acoustic mic'ing (including drums and
especially guitar and piano).
These are the best mics I've found for balanced acoustic response,
reliability and durability--for the price! They're not expensive. But
they're not cheap quality! They're Shurs!
Yours truly,
Andy English
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Hi all. I'm thinking of purchasing a good quality vocal microphone for
myself for studio recording purposes. I hear and read that capasitor or
microphones are used these days instead of dynamic microphones and that they
use phantom power. I understand those things but now I must purchase a good
one. The shops hear don't keep stock of those kind of microphones so it is
very difficult to get one to test with. I just wondered what some of you
guys are using? I know you get mikes that are very expensive like the numan
u87 and so on but I don't have that kind of money haha. I think this can be
a gnice discussion.

Kind regards

Len Viljoen

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