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Shur SM57 for vocals, SM58 for acoustic mic'ing (including drums and especially 
guitar and piano).

These are the best mics I've found for balanced acoustic response, reliability 
and durability--for the price! They're not expensive. But they're not cheap 
quality! They're Shurs!

Yours truly,
Andy English
Music Transcription and Consultation Services

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  Hi all. I'm thinking of purchasing a good quality vocal microphone for myself 
for studio recording purposes. I hear and read that capasitor or microphones 
are used these days instead of dynamic microphones and that they use phantom 
power. I understand those things but now I must purchase a good one. The shops 
hear don't keep stock of those kind of microphones so it is very difficult to 
get one to test with. I just wondered what some of you guys are using? I know 
you get mikes that are very expensive like the numan u87 and so on but I don't 
have that kind of money haha. I think this can be a gnice discussion.

  Kind regards

  Len Viljoen

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