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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 15:10:45 EST

Hi. In regards to your sibelius problem. there shouldn't be a need to fill  
out the registration form. most of the time as you have already registered the  
product when you log on to the server it will register it for you. though I 
have  had technical issues with this myself in terms of the server having 
problems  re-registering. so if the server doesn't re-register you 
and  presents an error message. get in touch with them. they are more than 
willing to  assist you. you will need your computer number and your sibelius 
serial number  which I'd advise should be kept in a text file for your future 
reference. give  them the details and they will tell you the new unlock code.
the computer number will be found upon registering the product via fax or  
phone on the dialogue box you are greeted with on first use. enter your name 
 other required details and you should be ok. its also best to register with 
the  sibelius help desk on the internet.
hope all this helps.
happy new year to you all.
Lewis Alexander
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