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  • Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 18:41:58 -0800

i have never used that module you are referring to but i have used quite a lot 
of modules with performance modes for multi channel midi control.And you 
probably know everything i can tell you but let me try and explain my 
opinion.First i think that maybe what you hear as a strange e,q, could be that 
2 parts of the 16 sounds you have available for one performance , could be 
assigned to the same midi channel and then you would have 2 voices responding 
to the same note thus producing a phasing effect that sometimes can make the 
sound thin. the other thing is that systems with that kind of performances will 
usually not work as a general midi module because the effects will probably be 
in a different algorythm. I  can imagine that that module should have a general 
midi bank of sounds and a general midi performance also. the thing would be to 
find it and to be sure that you know the way to put it back in that mode when 
things start going crazy. I don't think the unit is damaged because i've had 
very old stuff and never i've had any problem with any for years.
good luck.

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  Hello Everyone:

  I'm having some problems between my Roland xv5080 and Sonar. I'm using the 
module from a performance designed specificly for sequencing, which means that 
all the parts are dry and have no effects or e q's. However, I'm getting some 
kind of e q or effect on midi tracks 1-8 and track 10 when I have a project 
open. I took the module in for repair, and the tech can't find anything wrong 
with it, so I'm guessing that the issue now lies with Sonar here on my system. 
This problem just started recently and suddenly, and at first, Gord and I both 
thought that the issue was with the module. That doesn't appear to be the case, 
however. Does anyone happen to have a contact number for Sonar? I went to their 
site and could find no phone numbers.

  Any help would greatly be appreciated.

  Omar Binno

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