[ddots-l] Re: problem between module and sonar

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  • Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 14:53:39 -0500

Sounds like the memory on the XV that holds your performances is becoming
scrambled. Does the XV use flash memory, or is it older battery backed slow
refresh RAM. If its the older memory type, then probably the battery that
keeps the memory going when the power is off is running down on you. You can
call Roland tech support, and they should be able to tell you.
If you can't fix it, then you can still use the SysEx file that I sent you.
When the XV is turned on, and you transmit this SysEx file to it, the
performance will be stored in the XV's temp buffer. The temp buffer is RAM,
so it should be stable as long as the XV is turned on. Not the best
solution, but at least it will keep your module from being total junk with
scrambled performances and whatnot.
I'd still call Roland and ask them about the battery, though. No random
messages received from another MIDI device would corrupt your module's
memory. Random messages could change the settings, but they'd never produce
those messages about the memory being damaged.
Anyhow, this is not an issue related to a Dancing Dots product, so we should
probably continue this thread off-list or over on MIDI-Mag.

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Hi bryan:
Thanks for the info. I've tried controling chorus and reverb, but they don't
seem to work. Again, this happened suddenly when this problem started. I
didn't have any of these problems when I first reinitialized the xv. I was
fine for about 3 weeks of using it, and then, out of the blue, all
instrument sounds got jumbled during a session, and the module started
displaying the message "user memory is damaged," which is odd, because I
wasn't even using samples through the module. So I reinitialized the module
again, and the error message disappeared, but the problem in the sequence
template performance persisted. Tracks 1-8 and track 10 have some type of e
q, and i can't seem to activate chorus or reverb on any of the tracks.

Omar Binno

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Hi Omar.
I've attached a small (2KB) file that should be of assistance to those of
you that are using an XV5080 with Sonar. Not sure if the list takes
attachments, so if you don't get this file, then e-mail me off-list and I'll
send it to you. Its so small, though, I thought that I'd just throw it out
on the list for anyone that wants it.
This is a System Exclusive dump that I made which will cause the XV5080 in
Performance mode to operate a little like the Motif ES in Song mode. Once
you send this to the XV, then the first three channels will automatically
call up the appropriate effects for whatever voice that you assign to them.
SO, for example, if you select a distorted guitar on channel 1 the
distortion will work, if you select a rhodes on channel 2 the autopanner
will work, etc. Works for the first three channels only, since the XV only
has three multi fx units. All other channels are dry. You can still use
reverb/chorus CCs on them, though.


 TO use this, go into SysEx view in Sonar. Press o for open, and navigate to
the sysEx file. Pick it. WHen back in the SysEx view, press p and set the
port where your XV is connected. Now, press s to send the bank.
If you want the bank to automatically send each time the project is loaded,
you can turn that on by pressing a. You could also put this in your default
template, so that the XV is always initialized before you start sequencing.
Hope that this helps.
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Subject: [ddots-l] problem between module and sonar

Hello Everyone:
I'm having some problems between my Roland xv5080 and Sonar. I'm using the
module from a performance designed specificly for sequencing, which means
that all the parts are dry and have no effects or e q's. However, I'm
getting some kind of e q or effect on midi tracks 1-8 and track 10 when I
have a project open. I took the module in for repair, and the tech can't
find anything wrong with it, so I'm guessing that the issue now lies with
Sonar here on my system. This problem just started recently and suddenly,
and at first, Gord and I both thought that the issue was with the module.
That doesn't appear to be the case, however. Does anyone happen to have a
contact number for Sonar? I went to their site and could find no phone
Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Omar Binno

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