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The shortcut key to turn on input monitoring for the current track is 
Control+A. To get a report on what tracks  the Input Monitoring is turned on, 
control+Shift+A twice quickly.
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  I am using sonar version 4.2.  I'm working on a song with about 40 audio 
tracks recorded, some of which were recorrded by a sighted engineer.  I do have 
two separate users, one for blind engineers and one for cited ones.  Suddenly, 
when I create a new track and set the input correctly, it will not record.  
When I hit shift control A, it tells me the correct track is armed and no 
tracks are armed which have input monitoring on.  How do I turn the input 
monitoring back on?  Thanks.


  Ross Wine-Sky
  Blind Luck Music
  Nashville, Tennessee

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