[ddots-l] Re: getting started with omnisphere and its hsc set.

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  • Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 12:17:45 -0400

Hi.  Yes I have.  I am also using the latest version of hsc as well as the
latest sonar 6 and beyond sets.


Whether I choose the command from the hot spot set list, or, input the
command on the keyboard, nothing happens.  I don't get any errors or any
kind of feedback with jaws.  Also, when my sighted friend is browsing
through presets etc, there is nothing.  Jaws just says presets: no preset,
then vst act and a bunch of letters on the next line.


All my other hsc sets are behaving as they should.










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Have you refreshed your keymap in the HSC mods F10 menu?



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Subject: [ddots-l] getting started with omnisphere and its hsc set.

Hi everyone.  I just finished installing Omnisphere about ten minutes ago.
I don't have sighted assistance around to authorize it yet but for now at
least, there is no pop up blocking the window it seems.


Now, my question.  How does one get started?  None of the hsc commands yield
any results.  Is there something I need to do first or is there indeed
something blocking the main window?


Using the jaws cursor and the virtual viewer doesn't give me anything as far
as an authorization dialogue etc, however, that doesn't mean there isn't one
I suppose.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated!





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