[ddots-l] Re: exporting from sonar

  • From: "Phil Muir" <philmuir1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 01:47:21 +0100

Hi Shawn!!

Regarding exporting well, you chose the right options.  I to have scene those 
combo boxes that Jaws can't read however, I wouldn't personally worry about 
them to much.

Are you using Sonar 4 Producer?  If you are then, Sonar will export the mix at 
16 bit by default.  Note: don't forget to turn on the dither.  The dither will 
convert from 24 to 16 bit for you.  I think it is probably turned on by 
default. You will find the various dithering options in the "audio Options" 
dialog box.
Then, after the export, you will only need to convert the sample rate of the 
exported file from 48, to 44.1.

Regards, Phil Muir, one of the CT beta testers.

P J Muir Productions
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  Hellow my good people.  i am hopeing that Gord or some one can tell me about 
exporting files from sonar.  i tryed to export an audio file and save it in my 
dockuments for a future birn to disk.  let me sey off the bat i am recording in 
24 48 so i would have to take the bit and sampel rate down fore cd birning,  i 
wint to the file menu and selected export, and audio, whin it opened i typed 
the file name in, and tabbed down the list, riff wave was the default so i left 
it alone export intire mix was also the default, that seemed reasonable to me 
so i lefted it at that.  i came upon combo boxes that jaws would not read the 
contense of.  i would assume that in these three boxes some option should bee 
changed from the default.  but all i can do is move the aro keys up and down, 
shift tabb and tabb back down to the box and hear, list box 2 of 8 or some 
other jargan.  i have no sighted help right now, so i am hopeing some would 
have to know something about this, as i am sure you all have birned cd's of 
your audio.  i cant seem  to find any thing about exporting in the c t help 
files.  a nuther thing worth minchening is after playing with these unreadable 
combo boxes, i finely got windows meedia player to play the first secont or soe 
of my file.  dont know what the heck is up with this.  thanks in advance fore 
all the good advice.

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