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  • Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 07:39:36 -0700

Have you tried using the run command line (Windows+R) to launch the setup.exe 


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  Hi guys


  I did post about this problem earlier this week, and have since made some 
progress, but I have now encountered a new problem.


  Basically I'm trying to install both Dimension Pro and Rapture on my Vista 
machine. When I first tried it last weekend, I couldn't see the setup.exe files 
on the discs. But since I have discovered that if I choose to view hidden files 
and folders I can see the files. But now I can see them, I can't click on them 
and activate the install wizards. It is obviously something to do with Vista. 
But these programs must run on Vista, surely! It is very frustrating, because I 
do really want to use Vista and not downgrade to XP. Has anyone had this 
problem themselves. Any ideas on how to fix. Just thought I'd ask.


  Any help welcome.

  Cheers, Mark

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