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  • Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 19:30:00 -0000

You got anything running in the background such as antivirus?

Regards, Phil Muir
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  From: Omar Binno 
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  Subject: [ddots-l] couple problems

  Hi All:

  I'm having a couple of problems within sonar while recording both in midi and 

  1. If I start playing a song from the middle, Jaws seems to stop working, and 
the stop function (space bar) will not stop the song. The song keeps playing, 
and sonar seems frozen or something.

  2. When I'm recording audio, I'm getting random static-like clicking noise. 
Gord was just at my place training me, and we were both at a loss as to what 
could be causing this. Gord suggested that I disconnect from the internet, and 
it seemed to slightly diminish the problem, but the noise is still there. I 
figured I'd post these issues on here to see if anyone else is experiencing any 
of them.


  Omar Binno

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