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Are you singing over top of these?

Honestly, if I'm going to sit in a bar and listen to popular songs, and there isn't a whole band or at least a couple of live performers involved, I would prefer a DJ playing the actual familiar recording, to someone doing nothing more than karaoke over canned synthesizer backgrounds.

I hope that doesn't ruffle too many feathers here. I realize it's hard to get an establishment to pay for a band, but if you're going to perform to backing tracks, the least you could do for the audience is make those tracks somehow unique and your own in some way.

I've sometimes come across people playing over top of canned tracks and immediately recognized that I own the same tracks at home for practicing to. Give me a break!


At 06:03 PM 9/4/2011, you wrote:
use midi files for live performances. i dont want to invest the time in sequencing any songs myself. i know a lot of osngs are available for free downloads, but some i can't find. so i wanted to see if there was a site to buy them from.
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Define quality MIDI file?  What are you trying to do?

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Hi Omar,

Well, check the following website:


All midis are legal (copyright), and very good quality.
They also make rithyms.

Maybe just one problem for you, it is a portuguese company, try translate the website.

Rui Vilarinho
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Does anyone have any good sites to recommend where I can purchase quality midi files of songs?


Omar Binno

Website: <http://www.bigoproductions.net>www.bigoproductions.net

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