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  • Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 11:43:09 -0000

Mike we got it.  Don't use that plug-in here.  Think Gord may though.  also,
there aren't any HSC sets for it.

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Hey Guys I don't know if any one received my email in the last couple of
days concerning adictive drums.
I was wondering if there are any HSC files which I'd be more then
interesting in purchasing.
In one of the google searches I see Phil saying in a forum that you could
use Adictive Drums, and or ToonTracks, but there'sno mention how some is
able to use this plug in.
I' just wondering if I got screwed, or can I make this plug in work, before
I return it to my local shot, as they claim on the xln audio web site you
can sell it to some one else, as long as you deactive your licence.
However if Adictive drums is some accessible, I rather remain with it as the
drums are fantastic, other wize I'll go with Toontracks.
Many thanks regarding this is greatly appreciated.

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