[ddots-l] Re: XP Home or Professional?

  • From: "Steve Wicketts" <steve.wicketts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 12:44:10 +0100

Hi Stacy,

I have projects where I'm using at least 7 applications of Dimension Pro plus 9 
other softsynths. 
I too am using XP home.

I Haven't had any drop outs until recently.
The only thing I'm doing differently is I'm assigning effects to busses. I used 
to have the effects applied to the audio tracks, then freeze the track, I 
believe that way,the effect is also recorded to the audio track.
When effects are assigned to busses, they are live effects so therefore are 
taking up CPU.

On one project I deleted from audio tracks around 36 effects, I then froze all 
tracks and sent the dry audio out to the different busses. the 36 effects were 
replaced by 9 effects which I'd assigned to the busses. 
Once I done this I experienced drop out for the first time on that particular 

It maybe worth trying to have some of the effects frozen on the audio tracks.

Steve W
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  I had a friend come around to see if he could help out with the audio drop 
outs/ system performance with Sonar issues.  He noticed something I hadn't 
noticed or thought of before.  It turns out I'm using XP Home edition as 
opposed to professional edition.  Would this matter?


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