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  • Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 14:54:44 +0100

Hi Phil.
Yeah I was thinking about getting a cheapo card just to handle Jaws.
Well, looks like the issue is now fixed.
However, looks like I've gotta go digging around in my computer's innerds
because I think the graphics card has worked loose in transit back to me.
Happy days.


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Aah yes.  Those Edoral drivers can be a bitch to install and get working.
They are fine once they settle down but, getting them to settle down, that's
another story.  BTW, wouldn't personally recommend trying to use Jaws on the
same sound card as Sonar.  If you can get it working then, that's great.
Always better to use a separate device if you can, even if it's an onboard
chip on a desktop motherboard or, chip on a laptop.

Regards, Phil Muir
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Hi Steve.
Yes, the card is listed in Sounds and Audio Devices.
The master bus is saying "None".
Incidentally, I think I might've fixed the issue, but I won't know until my
system has run a complete scan of the system.
I had to install the sound card from my normal work's PC so that I could
completely remove the Edoral and still have Jaws running.
I then installed Edoral from scratch and fired up Sonar.
I didn't get the silent buses message, but haven't had a chance to check
whether it's all correct yet as the system completely crashed, hense the
I hate computers sometimes.  Wasted nearly a day and a half on this.


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Hi Darren,
I don't feel I'm nearly qualified to pitch in on this but is the sound card
showing up on the "sounds and audio devices?"
What is the master bus saying it's going out too?

Steve W 

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Subject: [ddots-l] Sound card problems

Hi folks.
I've got an issue with Sonar 8.53 and my Edoral UA-25E.
I've just received my system back from repair and set everything back up.
The sound card works fine as it is the only one enabled on the system.
When I start sonar, I get a message that silent busses were detected.
When I check Options/Audio, my card isn't listed.
The Asio driver option is selected in Advanced options, but no way of
selecting the UA-25E.
I've reinstalled the drivers with no luck.
Also, on a couple of occasions when I started Sonar, the opening message
said welcoem to sonar version 6.4...
I've never owned 6.4.  I've only ever had version 8.0 and above on this
This has turned into a pain in the neck.
As mentioned, the sound card works fine as Jaws is all fired up and
announcing, it's just that Sonar isn't recognizing it.
Any ideas?

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