[ddots-l] Re: Sound canr or Ram

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Hi Bryan,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I'm not sure what my buffer is set at, I don't know much about Computers, it's 
a dual Core with 4GB of Ram, however, a friend of mine told me that only 3GB 
was accessable.

I'll get someone over to take a look at the buffer size.

I Thank you and my laptop thanks you, as it is no longer perched on the edge of 
my window cil. 

Steve W
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  I've used the FastTrack, and it is a stable audio interface.


  If your computer is not fast enough, you will need to increase the latency 
buffer. The latency buffer is an area of memory where sound data is queued up 
between Sonar and your audio interface. If you have a slow computer, or are 
running many instruments, the computer isn't always able to pump out audio data 
fast enough to keep up the flow of audio data to your audio interface.


  In Sonar, open the options menu, select audio, and press the ASIO panel 
button. You'll need sighted assistance to change the buffer size, as this 
display isn't accessible on the FastTrack's software. Increase the buffer size, 
close the window, and try to play audio in Sonar again. Keep increasing the 
buffer until you no longer hear pops and crackels.


  If the buffer is increased too far, there will be a long lag between when you 
play an instrument, and when you hear the audio come through your audio 
interface's outputs.


  If you wish to run with lower latency, you'll need a faster computer.


  What type of CPU do you have? How fast is it? Is it single, dual, or quad 




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  Hi All,


  My Name is Steve W, Just joined the group Yesterday.


  I've always used hardware equipment and painstakingly memorised all the 
screens and counted the cursor (4 across 6 down) all that crazy stuff. 


  6 Weeks ago I started using Sonar with Caketalking, 

  It's fantastic having this kind of access.


  I just have one little question: 

  I use sometimes ten or more applications on my projects, I've been using 
Dimension Pro as the Samples are mostly very good, especially once you've 
pitched some of them correctly.

  I only have the peak meters on and the CPU Conservation mode is on yet, I'm 
still having the samples break up.


  Is this due to me only having 3GB of Ram or is it my USB M-Audio Sound Card.


  Thanks in Advance


  Steve W



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