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Here are those directions for making jaws use the soundcard you specify for speech output. This is an excerpt from a JFW tech support bulletin. Make sure you don't do step two--installing the elloq.jls driver--its not necessary for versions of jaws above 5.0


I have two sound cards on my computer. How do I make sure JAWS uses the one I want?


Many JAWS users who also use music or audio production software want JAWS and Eloquence to speak through one sound card, while using the other for their production work. To do this, you need to edit a file called JFW.ini and install the updated Eloquence Speech driver in the accompanying zip file.

Editing the jfw.ini file:

1. Using My Computer or Windows Explorer, browse your hard drive to the currently running version of JAWS and find the jfw.ini file in that folder.

2. Press ENTER to open.

3. You should find some lines that read:


Synth1LongName=Eloquence for JAWS


The number doesn't matter, it may be 1, 2, or 3, but it must be the same for all entries for Eloquence.

4. Add the following line after the driver line: Synth1Port=SB Live! Wave Device Of course, you need to make sure that the synth number matches the other
lines, so that if the Driver line read:


Then the port line would read:

Synth3Port=SB Live! Wave Device

The text after the = sign in the Port line comes from Control Panel/Sound & Multimedia/Audio tab It must be one of the entries that can be chosen for Preferred
Playback device.

5. Save your changes and exit Notepad. With JAWS version 5.x and higher, you are done.

If you have JAWS version 4.x, you will also need to install the updated driver. As long as JAWS is running and speaking through Eloquence, eloq.jls cannot be simply overwritten when unzipping the file. You will need to switch to NoSpeech or MS SAPI to get the eloq.jls to overwrite properly.

1. Download the file from


2. Unzip the zip file into the root of the active JAWS directory where you made the change to the jfw.ini file.

3. Restart JAWS and it should now be speaking from the sound card you wanted.

4. If not, make sure the entries are correct in the jfw.ini file and that your sound card is indeed installed correctly. Most audio and music production software allows you to select a sound device for it as well, so it can use one sound card while JAWS uses another.

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