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Hi, Stephanie,
Have you read:
Lesson 37. Voices. How to Create Independent Rhythmic Lines in the Same

in the tutorial document provided called:
Sibelius Speaking Tutorial.doc
To open this document, go to the Desktop and type the letter S until you
hear Sibelius Speaking Documents.  Press ENTER.  Type the letter T to
highlight the Tutorials folder and press ENTER.  Arrow down through the
tutorial document names until you find the 
Sibelius Speaking Tutorial.doc tutorial and press ENTER to open.
I have no experience with Fire Fox but suspect that the major screen reader
companies have not made access to it a priority.
Best wishes,


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Two questions.
1.  In Sibelius 3, how do you write a piano part on the same staff that
contains more than one voice, in which the voices have completely different
2.  Has anyone had any experience using Firefox instead of Internet

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