[ddots-l] Re: Problem with sonar 64 bit

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  • Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011 06:25:31 -0400

My problem was cake talking advising me that I could now tab to the preset or 
file menus, but in fact I can't and jaws looses focus. I think that's it in a 
nut shell. Jaws looses focus.
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  Were you replying to a message? Wasn't sure, the message looks like the 
beginning of a response to a message from a thread that's in progress, but 
there's no "re:" that indicates a reply, or a previous message under yours.
  Anyways, Sonar x64 doesn't support the rex, but that's not a falt with 
sonar/cakewalk, propellerheads hasn't updated their rex library dll to 64bit.
  SFZ however should work with no problems, I use it myself. What seems to be 
your issue with sfz?
  Finally, 64bit sonar runs faster IMO, and gives us access to much more memory 
(no 4gb limit).
  What other problems were you speaking of when you said "Well because of this 
and a couple other issues"?

  HTH, D!J!X!

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  Well because of this and a couple other issues I tend to use 32 bit most 
often myself. Sometimes I've played around with the jaws curser and got things 
to work too. I notice that some of the larger samples load up quite abit faster 
with the 64 bit version. Is there any other reason we're suppose to figure 64 
bit is better?
  I know I can't use my rex or sfz files with the 64 bit sonar. 

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