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  • Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 23:28:35 -0800

You should be able to hear lyrics as you tab through, provided that the lyrics 
were created as lyrics text and not some other form. I don't know if you can 
hear the expression text when tabbing. You can hear the dynamics (mp, mf, etc.) 
while tabbing.

Sorry but I think those lyrics are written in text that is not the lyrics text 
but some other text. Sibelius is very fussy about that.

Kevin, any other ideas?


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  From: Dimitrios Tsakiridis 
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  Subject: [ddots-l] Please help me

  Dear friends:

  I open my scores, open the nun lock key, and I select the Common notes 
templates. After I press Tab,  Press Control+f5, and I select Piano B.

  I moving with Tab, or Sift+Tab, and I am listening the notes, but I found 
some points, that they have lirix text, and Expression text, but I can not read 
the text from these points.

  When I was on the every point, I open the edit menu, select filter, and after 
I select the correct item. But if I am moving with Tab, or Sift+tab, I can not 
read the text point.
  How I can read the text points?

  Best regards, Dimitrios Tsakiridis.

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