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I have the new version of Garritan Jazz and Big Band, which is powered with
the new Aria Player. For some reason, the manual it came with is one that I
can't easily convert from PDF to TXT, as the PDF format it uses works with a
program I have called Omnipage SE2.0, which is the scanner part of the Canon


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Hi Annabelle.
Fancy stuff like that is going to be very difficult to duplicate in sampled
instruments unless they have functionality like key switching to allow for
these playing techniques.
The only person I've heard on here do it properly and reasonably
convincingly is STEVE w.
I say reasonably convincingly rather than very convincingly because he had
the raw samples to work with and created those types of musical tricks based
on mathematics and using Sonar's step sequencer to recreate them.
I certainly couldn't do it, or even know where to begin.
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Hi, it's Annabelle.
I've notated a score in Sibelius where I've incorporated things like Trils,
scoops, falls, and other jazzy styles. I'm wondering, How do I get these to
play back smoothly in Garritan Jazz And Big Band? For some reason, the
scoops and falls don't play, and the trills sound a bit unnatural. Since
none of them except the trills play back in Sibelius, I've saved the file as
a MIDI Format 1, and imported it into Sonar. Is there something I've
forgotten, that I'm supposed to do in the process?

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