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  • From: "Chi Kim" <ms22282@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 18:01:56 -0400


This is an off topic, but I was afraid I'd get flamed in midimag. I'm just writing here cause people here are nicer.
Is there music business list for blind user?

Anyways, I'm taking an internship class at Berklee, and I have to find an internship and apply.
I'm applying to music production company and record label as assistant for writer/producer.
Would it be better to say in my cover letter that I'm blind and I use PC instead of Mac, or should I just bring it up at the interview?
If I write it, I'd write:
"I am visually impaired, and I work in PC platform due to Mac's inaccessibility for blind users. Berklee operates on Mac 100% like most music industry, so I learned how to work with Mac users and how to work around things to bring the same quality of work as Mac might produce. It taught me how to use is more important than what to use. I'm confident that my good ears and knowledge for music will be more beneficial than knowing Mac."

I wanna know what you all think.
Some people say it's cutting my opportunity, and others say it's wasting time to go interviews and get rejected later.
Sorry for the off topic.

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