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Hi Gord,

Thanks for the info. I don't have a Telly; in fact, I don't have any guitars, 
just soft sinths, a Roland Fantom X-6, and a Roland RD-700 G. There's a steel 
patch in the TTS-1 that I modified a bit and created a preset, and that's what 
I'm using now. It's not bad, but I wanted to create a better one for the 
Dimension Pro. I see that there's one that was made for the Kontakt player, but 
that's obviously not accessible to us. I was hoping that there were individual 
sound samples that I could develop into a program, but I haven't found anything 
yet. There are loops of steel guitar playing, but I want to do my own thing 
when it comes to creating the music. Guess I'll have to sit in front of search 
engines until I find something, or I'll have to locate somebody who's got a 
Telly, lap steel, or a pedal steel and create sound files.


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  Well, I haven’t come across one that was really concinving.  Usually I take a 
telly, put it through a good smooth compressor, adjust the pitch bend to make 
it wide enough, and assign the footc controller cc4 to the volume of the audio 
for the sfz track.  This works quite well for me.  I use cc4 on the audio track 
so that I can control the overall level while keeping the level going into the 
compressor constant.  

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