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  • Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 23:36:06 -0500

Hi Steve,

I should clarify what I mean by "parts". What I should've said was that I play 
say four notes in via the keyboard. What I need to do is isolate the notes out 
so I can put them on separate tracks to save out as midi files - or as one midi 
file with the proper data; from there I should be able to import it into Lime 
so that it'll come out as if I did it all separately from the recording 
facility in Lime. I know that I have to prepare the piece I'm writing to accept 
this data correctly.

Does that help you?


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  Hi Mike,

  Firstly, how are you writing four parts at once? is it bass guitar with your 
left hand, Tenor Saxophone with your nose, Strings with the right hand and 
what's playing the piccolo or shouldn't I ask?

  By using the Sonar Interpolate feature, in the first field, isolate an area 
of notes and in the following field simply change the midi channel. all the 
isolated notes in that area will now be on the selected midi channel.
  Just keep repeating this process, until the bass guitar, Sax, strings and 
piccolo all have midi channels of their very own.

  Steve W

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