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Darren, Impressed. BIAB is a really neat tool.

Created in the Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Jose, California

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  Hi folks.

  OK, this is my first proper attempt for recording a full track with Band in a 

  I used the melody creator to do the whole track.

  I replaced the bass, drums and guitar midi tracks with real tracks and drums 
and added a Sax Solo.

  I exported the midi tracks into Sonar and replaced the melody with a sparkly 
piano sound and the electric piano with an acoustic.

  I imported the real track/drums into sonar and applied compression and other 
processing bits and bobs.

  I copied the Acoustic guitar so there were two guitar tracks, hard panned 
them left and right with a slight time delay on the left one to avoid fazing.

  I actually imported two real bass tracks.  As you'll hear, there's a slap 
bass section during the Sax solo.

  Before saving the real tracks/drums as wave files, I removed any reverb, put 
their volumes up to full and centered them all so that I could control their 
level and panning from within Sonar.

  It's still a little bit messy mix wise, but I think it could work up into 
something worth listening to.


  My aim is actually to use BIAB to produce Library and Royalty Free tracks, 
and I think it helps to do that job.

  It's not my usual style, but it's sure fun to work with.

  Interested in your comments.


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