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I went to Mackie's website and downloaded a few PDF manuals and JAWS couldn't 
read it because of their security settings so I complained to them for you.
I guess you'll have to rely on us light dependent people for now.
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> Hi guys!
> I got my Mackie 1202 mixer today.  Is there an online manual for it that 
> describes all the buttons and jacks in the order in which they are 
> located? Or will I need a lot of sighted assistance?  When I get the 
> Edirol soft synth, I'll probably need help with that too, and I'm not sure 
> if anyone will be available who knows about all these things in producing 
> music.  Is there anyone out there who lives in Idaho, around the Boise 
> area?  If not, can I call anyone of you in the evenings and Saturday, to 
> walk me through things?  Any help would be much appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Sharon

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