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Hayley, have you tried compressing the vocals. and normalize the final project? 


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  Hi everyone,

  I have a small problem with mixing and wonded if anyone has any tips, this 
may be a hard one to help with, but thought it was worth asking.

  As i'm new to using Sonar, i have gotten some help with the editing and 
mixing of my work.  The technicion i have helping me has done a good job and we 
have spent alot of time on my CD, but when i brought it home from his studio i 
wasn't entirely happy with the mix of music and  vocals.  in places on certain 
songs the music seems to be pearcingly loud in comparison with the vocal and is 
drowning it out.  Of course my initial reaction was to just have him turn the 
vocal up, but as i say, in places it's fine, and i don't want for it to be too 
loud iether! perhaps i'm just being picky! but it just sounds like the music 
has a certain sharpness and clarity wich the vocal doesn't have.  i did think 
it may be just the volume, but having listened through a few times, the vocal 
can be heard, just not as sharp.  Could it be some kind of mastering thing that 
we need to do rather than just turning up the vocal? Probably a bit difficult 
to answer without having heard it i know, and i'm going back to his studio 
tomorrow, so i'm sure we'll get it sorted out, but any advice would be useful 
that i can keep in mind for tomorrow.

  I hope i havent been too vague, it's frustrating when you can just hear 
something and doen't know what it is! i can hear it isn't right, but my lack of 
experience makes it hard to figure it out!

  Hope someone may be able to advise.

  Many thanks


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