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Yes, the keyboard commands are some what different and also similar. For 
example: To read the title bar in Jaws is insert T- To read the title bar in 
wineyes is control shift T. In Jaws, the say all command is insert2 on the 
numeric keypad. In wineyes it's control shift r. Jaws reads dialog questions 
first proceeded by the default button where wineyes reads the default button 
first followed by the actual question. It's interesting to note that for 
browsing the web, GW Micro has incorporated a lot of freedom scientific's 
commands for headings quick keys in MS Word, ETC. So there you have it. 
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  Are the keyboard commands in Window Eyes much different from Jaws? How Does 
it work? What are the differences and what are the similarities? 
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    I use window-eyes in conjunction with jaws and i must say that the 
technical support for windoweyes is fantastic. I have a response within 24 
hours and they are always keen to help out as much as they can. They actually 
take your criticisms and suggestions into account and add features in future 
versions. The so-called small number of blind users of sonar have already got 
gw micro to  incorporate basic support for sonar. It is limited but it says 
something for the company, that they are willing to try. If more people request 
better support for sonar through gw micro i am sure they will incorporate it 
into future versions. 
    Being a smaller company they rely on their customer's feedback and this is 
how freedom scientific should be and they are unfortunately not.
    Ok I've had my rant, its late and i felt like speaking up lol
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      Dear Omar,

      I have found that JAWS 6.20.65 has proven to be the most reliable version 
of JAWS that can be used with Sonar scripts and Sonar.

      I have spoken with several people at Freedom Scientific over the last  6 
months, including Eric Damory, and the basic attitude is that the number of 
people using JAWS for music is so small, that it doesn't warrant their full 

      Just imagine if the auto industry took this posture with regard to their 
vehicles loosing wheels!  Would they say something like, "The number of 
customers using our vehicles for ambulances  is so small, that it doesn't 
really matter!"?  Addressing the wheels falling off vehicles obviously benefits 
everyone that uses the vehicle!  Taking care of all customers is just plane 
smart business sense.  Not only will it keep your current clients happy, but 
will inevitably sustained good customer relation in all that a company may sell 
or do.

      This I know for sure, that once there is an alternative screen reading 
package to JAWS, there will be such a mass exodus from JAWS that it will make 
Freedom Scientifics' heads spin!

      I personally know of developers that are working diligently to one day 
produce a compatible product for JAWS for a fraction of the current price, if 
not completely free!  The prevailing attitude of many is still "OH-YEAH!  
They'll never catch up to us!  That's what the turtle said to the hare, before 
he went to sleep overly confident in his performance as well!,  Remember, that 
was just before loosing the race!

      Take Care,

      Sean A. Cummins

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        I'm sometimes encountering JAWS crashing on my computer in the middle 
of random tasks and applications. In fact, the entire soundcard that JAWS is 
running on seems to crash. Does anybody have any suggestions? I have a pentium 
3.2 gig processor, and 2 gigs of ram.


        Omar Binno


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