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  • Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 17:09:20 -0700

Try findind jfw.exe int he processes if the task manager and killing it. Now 
restart jaws and all should be wel.
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  From: Joey Stuckey 
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  Hi Guys,

  I am having a similar problem with Sonar 5 and JFW 7.1

  It doesn't fix unless I totaly reboot.

    Any info or ideas would be much appreciated.

    From: Blind Luck Music 
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    Subject: [ddots-l] Re: JAWS Crashing

    Hey Omar,

    Funny you should mention that.  The same thing has been happening on my 
computer the last two months and it appears to be getting worse.

    Often, when JAWS crashes, the computer will make a sound which sounds like 
a single note on a Marimba: 
    The shortcut for bringing up jaws will not work and neither will going to 
the start menu and trying to bring up jaws.  In the past, if I closed all 
applications and hit the escape key a few times, the shortcut (alt; control; J) 
would bring jaws back up, but, it would not be fully functional until I closed 
it and brought it up again.  Now, even that is not working very often.

    I wrote to our friends at Freedom Scientific who said it sounded as if jaws 
was losing focus, perhaps because of ad where or spy where.  However, eye ran 
my Auntie spy software and it did not help.

    I have a powerful computer I purchased from Dancing Dots
    .  I don't really believe the answer Freedom Scientific wrote me about.  
They also suggested I may have to reinstall jaws which I'm not looking forward 
to doing with Sonar.  I'm using jaws 5.1.

    Any other ideas would be helpful.  Thanks.


    Ross Wine-Sky

    Blind Luck Music

    1708 21st Ave., Suite453

    Nashville,TN 37212



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