[ddots-l] Installing a Motu 24 i/o

  • From: "Jeanette Contant-Galitello" <jeanette@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ddots-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 19:07:48 +0100

Hi, My name is Christopher and tomorrow I will be upgrading my wife's (Jeanette) studio. We bought a Motu 24 i/o which will be replacing a M-Audio delta 66 adn Omni i/o. I need to know if there is anything a Jaws user should be aware of.

1. When installing the PCI 424 card, it mentions that for Sonar to use WDM Drivers. Currently we use Asio drivers. Any advice which one to choose for the Motu 24i/o?

2. It mentions that the inputs have two settings, being either +4db or -10db. It gives an example of using -10db for midi devices. Any advise in what to set this to if using VSTs and Vocals?

3. Should the Cue mix console software be installed? Is it accessible? Can it be customised for a Jaws user?

4. Should I run the setup wizard?

I have a little bit of experience with my wife's setup but am forced to do it myself because the person who advised this system (himself being a Jaws user) is unfortunately no longer able to install it. Therefore I must somehow do it myself. Apart from installing the Motu 24 i/0, I will be installing the following:
Soundcraft Ghost 24
Beringer Ultrapatch pro px2000 patchbay
Some external preamps and effects units

Any advice on how to set up the Motu 24 i/o with the Soundcraft Ghost console, Patchbay with our existing Sonar 4 would be greatly greatly appreciated. I guess my main questions are about what to route where. Assuming the 24 outs from the Motu go into the Ghost, should the 24 inputs also go to the ghost or should a few go into the patchbay? This general kind of question is what I am unsure about.

Many thanks for any advice,

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