[ddots-l] Re: Greek Songs?

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  • Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 17:11:54 +0200

?? ????????? ??? ??????????.

The Songs  of the company.

?? ?????????-The songs.

??? ??????????-of the company.

Best regards, Dimitrios Tsakiridis.
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  Subject: [ddots-l] Re: Greek Songs?

  Hi Dimitrios,

  Thanks for your quick reply Are you able to translate what was on the cover 
page copied below.

  ?? ????????

  ??? ?????????? ???

  All the best,


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  Hello George:

  I speak Greek, because I am from Greece. Tell me if you want to help you.

  What you want to help you? What about the greek songs?

  Best regards, Dimitrios Tsakiridis from Greece.
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    From: George Bell 
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    Subject: [ddots-l] Greek Songs?

    Does anyone on these lists speak Greek?  If so, I wonder if you could help 
me please?

    In an office clear out, I have come across around 25 sheets of what appear 
to be Greek songs.  I've no idea where they came from, but am reluctant to just 
shred it all, just in case there might be something of interest to someone.

    I've hopefully managed to copy the Greek text on the front cover below, but 
have also included a scanned image.

    Does anyone know what this is?

    ?? ????????

    ??? ?????????? ???

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