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Hey Phill!  

That's just the way that I'd do it!  
Some people really get bogged down with tech crap, so much so, that on occasion 
I've been afraid to move, in case of ruining the bloody producer/engineers 
But, admittedly, I've had four mikes on me at the time...


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Well, when miking up an acoustic guitar, I personally place a mike
pointing directly at the fet boards, somewhere beyond the 12th fret.
Regards, Phil Muir
P J Muir Productions

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        Where are you placing the mike?  For acoustics, I often have to
move the mic around for the best response.  Often closer to the bridge
will give you a bit more top end, but sometimes you lose some of the
fullness.  In my previous post, I referred to a technique called Ortf,
where you use two mics in a stereo pattern.  I use this for guitar a
lot, and it sounds great.  Bassically, you have two mics crossing over
each other so the capsules are 120 degrees off axis to each other, and
about 6 inches apart.  You can do this with a T bar on one mic stand.
Hope this helps.

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                I definitely like the C3 for vocals.  It just seems to
record the acoustic guitar too dark.  Maybe I need to use an effect or
do something with eq along with using the C3?


                Thanks to all for your suggestions!





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                I'm really surprised you wouldn't like the c3.  If you
are looking for a little more edge, you may want to try the audiotenica
4330 (I think that is the model number).  Also, believe it or not, the
behringer b2 pro has quite a nice top end, and it is cheap in usual
behinger fashion.


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                        Subject: [ddots-l] Good guitar mic.


                        I know there have been mic discussions here
before and I can't remember what the suggestions were.  What would
people recommend as a great mic for mic'ing guitar?  Is there one out
there for less than $500?  I've tried the Studio Projects C3 and, though
I get a wonderful quality of sound, I'm looking for that little extra
punch.  I also have a Shure Ksm27.  Is that a better choice?  Is there
one I don't have which would be even better?


                        Looking for ideas.


                        Thanks again!




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