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What Da Hzzy!
Driza aka Drizabizeats
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Wuzzzup peoples? Driza coming out once again real quick! Just letting ya'll 
know I have done another motif es file, this one is Called Driza's Motif ES 
Song mode and tips!!  I pretty much Sequence a little bit in Song mode, how to 
set the locate points, how to set your metronome, and I tell what's on the Song 
f1 play screen as well as the song record screen, there are slight differences 
between the song record and pattern record screen!!   I also show how to copy a 
track insong mode and how to loop in song mode!!  I show how you can split your 
song into a pattern in pattern mode and how you can pull up the mixing 
templates and customize the templates and store them as well as how to delete a 
song/pattern!  It's pretty basic and simple as usual, nothing super complex!! 
It's about 1 hour long!!  Should be up on the mo access site and the ftp site 
in a few days, you know is the holiday weekend!! lol! But for anyone who once 
it early, you know the routine! hit me up at  driza97@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  and I'll 
you send it to you!!  Driza out!!  p.s I didn't do no whole song neither, I 
just did enough to show the recording with the set locate points! It's a little 
church vamp! you'll probably know it!  Holla! lol!!
What Da Hzzy!
Driza aka Drizabizeats

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