[ddots-l] Re: Dell Laptops a Problem?

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You said a key phrase here, high end.  Most state agencies contract with del 
and give their clients the cheap stuff, and it is horrible.
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  If anyone has a thing of slagging off DELL computers. please don't

  you should thank yourself lucky that there are companies like dell producing 
high end workstations and those who know their stock. you have to remember that 
not all laptops will have compatible graphics cards or sound chips installed 
that is the law of "sod" so you just have to respect companies with their 
expertise, they don't deal with access technologies like jaws or certain other 
tools so dont necessarily have to look into these things.

  I own a Dell Inspiron 5100 pro notebook and have ATI radeon graphics 
installed and its doing great for audio. it runs sonar, sibelius and other 
tools including Native Instruments Komplete with no problems at all

  thank yourselves lucky you didn't go apple to be shafted by them when you 
came to use software you would have assumed accessible and it isn't!


  do forgive me for that but this is the thing business wise

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