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Bryan's summary speaks for itself and I cannot add much to it except a loud
"Amen" from the Amen Corner.  Remember that Dancing Dots has been in
business for 20 years now with one consistent mission: to develop and adapt
music technology to help blind and low vision people read, write, and record
music independently.  As far as audio production goes, we continue to
sincerely believe that the combination of SONAR 8.5 and David Pinto's
CakeTalking for SONAR scripts provide us blind users with the most
accessible framework for producing audio on the market today.  That
combination is what we can offer to you today.  In other words, we cannot
sell you tomorrow's solution today.  And when we have tomorrow's solution to
offer, it will be today's solution anyway, if you know what I mean.


Those of us who have been around for a while have seen that improvements in
accessibility rarely progress in a straight line.  We are constantly
contending with keeping new versions of the DAW software, the screen reader
software and the Operating System software all in harmony.  But rest
assured, as long as Dancing Dots exists, we will be actively pursuing
accessibility for blind and low vision musicians and audio producers and,
yes, when we have something new and exciting to share, we will shout it from
the rooftops.


Bill McCann


Dancing Dots



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James, there is a future to CT. Things might not always happen at the speed
that we might want, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening. Realize
that we aren't always able to talk about everything that goes on, both for
our own reasons and due to agreements with others.


As we've stated on the list previously. We don't typically talk about
specifics until we have something for release. For example, we might think
some feature will be simple to create, then it takes longer than thought to
make happen, or some unforeseen limitation comes up that ruins the whole
effort. The policy is to announce something when we have it, not to promise
things that might not work out for a while or not ever. There might be
advantages to other ways, but I don't make the policies, I just try to fix
everyones' CT/Sonar. *smile* If anyone announces anything, it will be Bill.




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