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  • Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 01:26:39 -0400

    Hi Chee!
If you save a project and give it a name, is your keyboard in Q W E R T Y  mode?

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  Hi Jean,

  Wow, that's some interesting stuff. I never heard azerty keyboard. I 
sometimes find CT messes up template, layout, or toolbars. One of those can 
prevent ct to find whichever area it needs to access. You might want to 
initialize them.
    Hope you can figure this thing out. Cuz ct 5.28 is really relyable for me 
so far.

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    Subject: [ddots-l] CT 5.2 problem

    Hi folks!
    I have installed the CT 5.2.8 version.
    I cannot access the cllip's pain with control down arrow.  It leaves me in 
the track pain but on another row.
    If I do a control up arrow after a control down arrow, CT reports that this 
is only available in clip pain, which is where I am supposed to be?
    A strange thing happens after invoking the control down arrow! My keyboard 
puts itself in AZERTY mode instead of QWERTY!
    What's happening?

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