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Thanks so much for the tip.  Will try it this evening after work.  Just for
giggles, I dropped the scripts into JFW 7.0 and they load and appear to work
properly there.  However, I've heard from other users that 6.2 is the most
reliable with regards to the CT scripts and Sonar 4 so trying to get that to
work instead.
Kind Regards,
Kim Ellsworth


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Try reinstalling CT 4 but only install it into 6.2.  The installation
program should give you a chance to uncheck 6.0.  Select the "Options"
button in the Welcome screen of the installation program and check the box
that says prompt for new authorization.  Have your authoriaztion code ready
to enter.
Going from memory here as I'm away from our office this week but give that a

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Hi all,
Hopefully someone will have an explanation for the following problem.  I
installed CT 4.03 to both JAWS 6.0 and 6.2.  If I run JAWS 6.0 and Sonar 4
and press insert+q I am told that the CT scripts are running just as I would
expect.  If I run JAWS 6.2 and Sonar 4 and press insert+q I am told that the
default settings are loaded.  If I look in the JAWS 6.2 sub menu, explore
JAWS settings, explore user settings all of the files are there.  During the
loading of Sonar it sounds normal and I am told that the CT 4.03 settings
are there but that doesn't seem to be true.  If I turn on keyboard help with
insert+1 and press the letter a I expect to hear messages about arming
tracks but I hear nothing except the letter a.  Pressing h 7 times doesn't
do anything like I am told to do to learn how to fix a problem concerning
alt tabbing out and back into Sonar.  I even copied the files over from the
JAWS 6.0 folder to the 6.2 folder and allowed them to overwrite but no
success.  Am I stuck using JAWS 6.0?
Thanks in advance,

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