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MessageNo, no track folder, but I've realized that I used an eight track audio 
mixer template. I guess the problem might be that because it is a template: I 
won't be permitted to go outside the allotted tracks, which I didn't think 
would turn out to be a problem, since in Sonar: you can always ad the extra 
tracks needed. Robert.

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  Track at the track manager.  Or, have you created a track folder by accident?

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    Hi guys:
    I'm using the sixteen track audio template of Sonar to mix a project, there 
was only nine tracks before I performed three bounce to track: to get a grand 
total of twelve! hmmm!'not too many tracks right?Now Sonar won't let me arrow 
down beyond track eight before wrapping up to track five, why track five 
instead of track one? another puzzle, anyway! tracks nine through twelve will 
not allow CT to do anything with those tracks other than go to them via control 
plus its number on the num-pad. 
    Anyone with  experiences to shed a little light on this one? please share. 

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