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Hey Sean,  Thanks for that info?
That's Awesome.
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  Hi All,

  I will write this once again for those of you that are new to the list or
  just didn't get it!

  You will never have to deal with losing your JAWS authorizations again; and
  error 6  code for the FW1884 by doing the following steps.

  Would a couple of you at least respond and let me know that you have
  received this
  email?  Some times it seems  as if not all of our mail makes it through.



  Backing up JAWS authorization for future reformats and hardware changes.

  1. open My Computer.
  2. Open (Local Disk C:".
  3. open "Program Files".
  4. Open "Freedom Scientific"
  5.Highlight both the "Activator and Authorization" folders and then copy
  them to a storage media of your choice.  I use a thumb drive.

  In the future, by simply replacing these two folders after reinstalling
  JAWS, a format or losing your authorization due to hardware changes (such as
  adding memory or forgetting to power on your FW1884 ) you will never need
  Freedom Scientific again.   .  When replacing these folders to their
  original location on your hard drive, say (yes) to the question "Do you want
  to overwrite existing files?".  I have been using this over and over and
  over again since a year ago having installed my FW1884.  Not only does it
  take care of losing the authorization, but if you get the error 6 message
  again; you just simply unload JAWS with the (insert+F4) and reload JAWS and
  you will never miss a beet!  No pun intended, though that was cute., .

  If you are really bugged by the error 6 Message, you can call Freedom
  Scientific and request them to change your language settings to "all" (of
  which they don't like you to know this information) and the error 6 message
  will go away even though you now can deal with it from my instructions
  above.  Don't forget to back up your folders once again after FS performs
  the change to your authorization skeam on their server.  you will need to
  run the "activate Now" from a clean install of JAWS installation menu in
  order for your system to be updated with the new language setting.
  And most importantly.... save these two folders!

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